Great Pain at the Gas Pumps

Perhaps no issue places our economy in a pinch and our foreign standing in peril, more than issues concerning oil. The price of a barrel of oil fluctuates, but consistently climbs as the downward fluctuation is always higher than the last low price.

Granted, gas prices at the pump are not going to go down quickly, but we do need to consider how we have found ourselves at the place where we are, so that we might evaluate a sound approach to the issue. Consider the following issues:

1) Primarily due to lack of tax incentives and stringent environmental regulations, we have not seen a new refinery built in the US in the last ten years. At the same time, a new refinery is built every two years in the Middle East.

Ron Paul to Announce Support for Presidential Candidate in September. Will not support John McCain.

Looks like we will be waiting to hear about who Ron is supporting until September. He did clearly state that he was simply not going to support John McCain. Of course, we knew that Ron would not be supporting John McCain considering they differ on nearly every issue.

Bob Barr Not Allowed to Speak in Kentucky

They were not allowed to speak even though the invitation allowed any candidates “Running for Kentucky or National Office” because they were not from one of the main political parties.

The Time for Liberty

The Barr Campaign has just released a new video entitled ‘The Time for Liberty’. It illustrates very beautifully what our country is up against, and how our freedoms have been encroached upon for over 50 years. It has been talked about for many years, but now is the Time for Liberty. Spread this video where you can.

Kent Snyder Memorial

It was a great event today, seeing everyone come out and meeting Kent’s family was quite an honor. Bill Dumas played a video showing pictures of Kent from his early years, through the campaign. It had me going good for a minute. One thing I will never forget, and owe him a great debt for, was his ability to convey the freedom message quickly and concisely. I have yet to meet anyone that could convert people the way that Kent could. He helped convert me.

Liberty is needed here and now.

Kent Snyder taught us by example: Each of us must continue the fight for Liberty until it is restored & secured - until our dying breath.

Ron Paul on House Floor: “Iran is responding to our hostile rhetoric.”

A great video of Ron speaking on the house floor. It is ridiculous how the media has taken the whole Iraq rhetoric to a whole new level. The conversation in America has grown to be completely militaristic and hostile, without much regard or emphasis on diplomatic options.

We need to continue to look to Ron as the man who paved the way for Liberty in America!

P.S. I had a bit to drink tonight, we joked about it, but we all thought it was very interesting to see that Ron had changed his glasses style to be very similar to our beloved Bob Barr! Looks like I’ll be going shopping this weekend?


Kent Snyder 1959 - 2008

Kent was a huge inspiration and hero to many people here at United Liberty. His teachings through numerous appearances at Freedom 21 Santa Cruz Radio helped simplify and instill a strong libertarian foundation, showing us the light if you will, that is still growing to this day. Without this great man I would simply not be here today doing what little I am able to do for this great cause.

I agree wholeheartedly with Justine Lam who said it simply “Kent Snyder is my hero”.

Barr Gaining Momentum Online

Bob released a video yesterday shortly after the DC vs. Heller decision was announced. The video has been received VERY well online. He really goes over why it was such a good decision for Liberty lovers.

It seems to me his supporters levels are starting to surge forward lately. The Ron Paul campaign experienced this same effect around July of last year as the videos started to take off around the same time Terra Eclipse started doing the flash trackers. In fact, in July of 2007, the Paul campaign was in just about the same YouTube standing as Bob’s as I recall.

Updates and Changes at United Liberty

Dear United Liberty Reader,

Thank you all for your readership and support as we have been establishing our presence online. We have some exciting news for you! Very soon, we will be making some big changes to the site including re-branding and a new design. Along with that, we are bringing on some new writers who will propel this blog to new heights. I know things have been slow lately, but rest assured we have been hustling to move forward with the new features.

Looking forward to making this site awesome for you, and a major source for all things Liberty.

Martin Avila

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